By on 3 July, 2016

Sam Hicks (Founder)

  • Born 1981 in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Occupation: Personal trainer.
  • Favourite Athletes: Rod Dixon and “The Twins”

Personal best efforts.

  • 5000m 15:51 2020
  • 10,000m 34:04 2019
  • 12km 41:45 (City to Bay 2016)
  • 2018 Adelaide 1/2 marathon Champion 1:14
  • 2018 City to Bay 1/2 marathon (2nd) 1:12
  • 2017 Holdfast to Haven winner 30k 1:53
  • 2018 Gold Coast Marathon 2:36


  • Certificate  IV in Personal Training.
  • Level 2 Advanced Distance running coach.
  • Level 1 strength & conditioning coach.


4runners was founded by Sam Hicks in 2015. As a level 2-advanced distance running coach and personal trainer, Sam himself is proof the systems that he use work.

“The methods I use work provided the programme is built with the athletes tolerances at the forefront. Keeping training consistency for long periods of time is key. ”

Training for a distance running event can be overwhelming, leaving it hard to know where to begin.

4runners has been developed to remove the stress of knowing what to do in your program and when to do it.

Sam coaches long distance runners of all age groups, abilities using online correspondence to track your progress week by week. He tailors all the programs himself and monitors how the athlete responds to them.

“In addition to aerobic conditioning I’m also a firm believer in resistance training. Theres a long list of why lifting weights in the correct doses is good for anyone ,it also plays a key role with injury prevention and increasing an athletes power output.”

“If there ever was a silver bullet to becoming a faster distance runner I think i’ve found it. It’s in the form of 8,9,10 years and beyond of consistent cyclical training. Even when interruptions occur always looking for a work around.”